The Three Cups

45 Newnham St, Bedford MK40 3JR



01234 352153 


Established in 2007 the White Park Brewery been brewing for over 10 years. The name originates from the owner Alan Kelly's past herd of rare-breed White Park cattle, which very much enjoyed consuming the spent grain from the brewery, especially during the winter months when it was still warm! These days, another lucky herd reaps the benefits...

Nearly five years ago the brewery took on The Three Cups public house in Bedford, as a "Local Heroes" tenancy from Greene King. The partnership is essentially a 50/50 tie, which enables the White Park Brewery to sell direct to consumers over the bar.​

Since taking on the pub, we have won numerous awards, including CAMRA's much coveted "Branch Pub of The Year" in 2017 for North Bedfordshire and “Town Pub of The Year” in 2016 and 2018.​

To strengthen the successes further, we have recently moved the entire brewery to the pub! This was quite some challenge. The implementation is split between the bar (two conditioning tanks), a disused back room (now the brew-house) and the cellar! Processes have been further automated to make this feasible, which has in turn further improved the quality of the product.​

Now our customers are able to watch the brewing process, from grain to hand pump! All whilst tasting the fruits of our labour on the bar. We really care what our customers think, so this feedback loop helps us continue to strive for taste perfection!


We look forward to serving you your next pint!